So my “Yoga for Regular Guys” book showed up in my mail box today. I was pretty excited to rip that box open and start reading it. I sat down (with a cup of tea of course) and started taking in all the philosophies that the author, Diamond Dallas Page, was putting forth. Yoga is something I really want to try.

One thing that Page brings up is that as we get older, our bodies start to encounter lower flexibilty. He said lots of “Regular Guys” start to go to the gym and lift weights to create a more youthful look. But looks aren’t everything. When it comes to yoga, not only are you potentionally giving yourself a better look, you’re also bringing flexibility back to your body. And youthfulness is flexibility. I whole heartedly concur.

Now if you’re a wrestling fan, you know what a great salesman Page is. He even has a gig as a motivational speaker from time to time. When DDP talks, people listen. He’s a great self brander. And this book oozes everything that Page that is. Remember his old catchphrases “Self High Five”, “Back up monkey” and “Hollywood ‘Scum’ Hogan”? Well, just like Page branded himself with those catchphrases all those years ago, apparently old habits die hard. Where men and women were once known as men and women, they are now known as “Regular Guys” and “Yoga Babes”. And when it comes to yoga positions and movements, he’s rebranded them with terms like “The Touchdown”, “The Pinfall” and even “The Russian Legsweep”. Something that is particuarly cringeworthy is how he suggests that every yoga exercise session should be punctuated by stretching up and holding a Diamond Cutter above our heads. Gee fella, we get it. Give it a rest.

But all in all it’s a great read and I’m looking forward to utilizing this book to work on my flexibility. It certainly can’t hurt. And of course, I’ll remember to throw up my Diamond Cutters too…


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