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Picture this. It’s a full moon. You’re taking your dog for it’s last walk of the evening. Suddenly you hear a rustle in the bushes. Against your better judgement you decide to check out what the commotion is. Upon closer inspection you realize that the bush it teeming with little red fuzzy ants, dancing around as if they were on crack. You see one crawl onto your shoe and you swat it with your hand. Immediately your shoes become covered with hundreds more ants with vengeance on their minds. They’ve got a pack mentality and you’re in big trouble…

Yes, that first paragraph read like a low-budget horror movie, but the south-east of the United States is currently under attack from a swarm of ants much like these. They’ve been dubbed the “Crazy Ants.” These ants, the Nylanderia pubens (scientific term), are currently running roughshod over the south-east.

This crazy ant revolution began in Houston, Texas. They are thought to have been imported into the United States via cargo from the Caribbean. Since their arrival they have been terrorizing anything and everything that gets in their way.

They are known for their erratic behaviour. When one is killed, the dead ant secretes a scent that attracts it’s fellow crazy ant brethren, and in a matter of seconds the dead body is joined by hundreds of it’s ant brothers ans sisters. Because of their pack mentality, these little buggers are destroying crops and beehives at an alarming rate. They’re also destroying things that you wouldn’t expect such at wiring and buildings. This really is becoming a huge problem. And it’s a huge problem that is sweeping eastwards. There have been crazy ant sightings in Louisiana, Mississippi and as far as Florida.

So beware folks. The crazy ants have arrived. Hide your pets, make sure you know where your children are and be prepared for ANTmageddon…

Note: The accompanying picture is courtesy of under the creative commons agreement.


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