Humans Can Be Dumber Than Dogs!

Today is the first time I’m blogging on my Blackberry. Well, I at least wrote the first draft on it. I’m putting together the finishing touches with my PC, but most of the text was written using my Blackberry “Smartphone”.

Before receiving a Blackberry, I was quite excited to become a new owner. Unfortunately I was setting myself up for a disappointment. The heavily lauded “BB” was just a myth. I’ve had nothing but problems dealing with mine. I soon discovered the “take the battery out and reset the system” trick that becomes part of your daily life. If you don’t perform said action, this “smart” phone actually stops updating your text inbox. Grrrrrr!

And while I’m on the subject of things that annoy me, do you know what else gets on my nerves? People who treat their kids like crap. Where is the sense in that? You brought them into this World. It’s your job to look out for them. You have no right trying to bring them down with with a passive aggressive attitude. If you’re guilty of this, shame on you! One time my wife and I were walking through a mall and heard a mother reprimanding her toddler daughter. She wasn’t saying “Now stop asking questions, I’ve already told you the answer.” Instead she was bellowing “Quit b—-ing!” at her. What the heck?! Are you kidding me? Do you not realize that you’re damaging your child’s psyche? Shame on you!

There’s something else that annoys me. Drivers who don’t paying attention to what they’re doing. One time my wife and I were walking across a car park to a Post Office and all of a sudden a woman started backing her car out. She was heading right for my wife and I. I quickened my pace a little thinking she’d realize we were behind her and stop. Nope, at full speed she kept backing out and I literally had to jump out of the way. She finally saw us and I smiled at her as if to say “Whoops, that was a close one, but I’m not mad at you.” But instead of smiling back at me, the silly cow just scowled at me as if to say “Stupid idiots! I should have ran them over when I had the chance!” Hey, moron, pedestrians have the right of way!

And sometimes gas stations tick me off. Filling up at a gas station is a fairly routine operation. But even there, the stupidity floats to the top. I hate it when the person who has pumped gas before me has neglected to take the time to properly empty the nozzle before hanging it back up. So when I come along and remove it, excess gasoline from the pump spills all over my feet. Arrgh! What are these people thinking. I could end up as a human Molotov cocktail!


Humans can be dumber than dogs!


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