Crook Uploads His Mugshot to Victim’s Facebook!

There are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to stealing a ladies purse from her car. First and foremost, I would suggest covering your tracks. Make sure you can’t be traced back to the scene of the crime. You could do this in a number of ways. Perhaps commit the crime under the cover of darkness. Maybe you could wear a mask. And when you have stolen said item, run like heck and and never return to the scene of the crime. That’s all fairly straight forward, eh? Well it wasn’t for a McDonough, Georgia crook when he accidentally uploaded a picture of himself onto his victim’s Facebook!

This huge faux pas really happened. The victim, unnamed, had left her belongings in her car as she walked into her child’s daycare. Upon her return she discovered her purse, along with her cell phone, missing. Obviously distraught she reported the incident to the local police and waited on any news of her stolen property. When logging into her Facebook two days later, she noticed that a new picture had been uploaded to her photo album. And it bore a striking resemblance to a man she had spotted outside the daycare around the time of the theft. Apparently the crook hadn’t covered all his bases…

The theory is that the thief had tried to upload a picture of himself to his Facebook using the stolen phone. The only problem was that the phone had been set up to upload all pictures to the VICTIM’S Facebook. So, unwittingly, he gave the victim and the police his own mugshot. Whoops! The victim is quoted as saying “As far as his character, pretty much scum. Not the brightest bulb” And I find it hard to disagree. Henry County Police have issued fliers to the public with the suspect’s self portrait on them.

I have to say. This guy should be a role model for crooks everywhere. Because if others were more like him, the World would be a better place!


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