“I Mooned the Queen!”

Nudity and streaking can be tremendous fun. In the culture of my native country, England, nudity and streaking is almost a national pastime. We have a rich history of naked people invading sporting events such as football and rugby. There was even one instance I recall when a young lady got her kit off and streaked around a snooker table during a live televised game. But never in my 32 years do I recall somebody baring their bottom to the Queen.

Well, that’s what happened as Queen Elizabeth II was touring Brisbane, Australia yesterday. Liam Warriner, 22, was unloading shipping crates at the time of the Queen’s visit and egged on by his workmates he dashed to the scene and mooned the 85-year old monarch. He’s said to have then done a 50m dash with an Australian flag wedged between his butt cheeks. Warriner says he bared his bum as the Queen was waving at him, but insists that his meat-and-two-veg were not exposed. He commented he’s part of the Occupy anti-elite protest movement and had taken part in the protest in Sydney. He has been charged with public nuisance.

What a stunt! As an Englishman I’m supposed to be shocked and horrified by such a rude act, but I applaud Warriner for this gutsy stunt. I’m neither pro- nor anti-monarchy, I just find escapades like this entertaining. Just like the naked pitch invaders of organized sporting events I have an admiration and a little bit of jealousy for the guy. I think I have an inner-streaker within me that I have never unleashed.

And what did Warriner have to say on the matter?

“I mooned the Queen. Get a sense of (humour). Everybody’s seen someone’s butt.”

True dat.



3 comments on ““I Mooned the Queen!”

  1. Yeah … you Brits seem to like to show the boys to the world! Noticed that. Probably all that uptight, British, rules and such. Yawn. Well, we’re more uptight, us Americans. We don’t streak. Maybe back in the 70’s or 80’s … but not as a rule.

    BTW, how did you get that widget that lists your loaf?


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