Whackjob Firebombs Taco Bell After Bum Chalupa!

Taco Bell is among my most favourite fast foods. True, from time to time I’m left unsatisfied with my order, but never to the point where I’d consider taking out revenge against the restaurant. Shockingly though, this is exactly what occurred in Albany, Georgia when a disgruntled customer attacked his local establishment with a Molotov cocktail!

At 5AM this past Sunday morning, the Albany Taco Bell received a mysterious phone call from a man complaining about the lack of meat in his XXL Chalupas. The mystery man told the branch manager, Cynthia Thompson, that after getting home he realized that there wasn’t enough meat inside his chalupas and demanded his order be corrected. When she explained the restaurant was getting ready to close, he replied “You must be one of them n****** up there,” and added “That’s alright, I’ll just come and redecorate the place.”

So what did he do? Did he offer to come and repaint the exterior of the restaurant? Maybe he volunteered to help install some nice new crown molding? Nope, he returned with a Molotov cocktail, made out of a plastic bottle I might add, and hurled it at a drive-thru sign that displayed a picture of the XXL Chalupa with the slogan “Come Try The New XXL Chalupa. Bigger Is Better.” Manager Thompson alerted the police after staff members began to smell gasoline.

Good grief! What is the World coming to? I’m sure hundreds, if not thousands, of American fast food eaters get bum orders everyday. I’ve been a victim of this on many occasions. But do I whine and complain about it? Nope. I just suck it up and chow down anyway. The idea of bombing said restaurant couldn’t be further from my mind. But this clown is apparently a very picky eater.

Something that made me laugh about this case is the fact he used a plastic bottle to construct a Molotov cocktail. Even I know, through movies I might add, that to make the said incendiary device you need to use a glass bottle. It needs to be something like an empty wine bottle. Heck, he could have even used an empty Yoo-Hoo.

This twonk is still at large due to grainy surveillance footage provided by the restaurant. So watch out Burger King! You’d better let him have it his way!


3 comments on “Whackjob Firebombs Taco Bell After Bum Chalupa!

  1. Don’t all fast food joints screw up your order. I thought it was part of their policies and procedures. Keep the customer guessing. How else would we experience the true diversity of said establishment’s cuisine? If they didn’t screw up our orders, we might eat the same thing every time. Its wrong as often as its right and we have all come to expect it. Guess that guy doesn’t eat fast food much.

    • From Wikipedia’s “List of British words not widely used in the United States” page:

      Twonk: Idiot. Probably a portmanteau construction of twat and plonker. Used by Timothy Spall in an episode of Red Dwarf.

      I love me Brit slang lol

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