Hallowe’en Costumes Through the Years!

My wife and I spent a wonderful night with our little niece last night at Hattiesburg’s Zoo Boo (although she did turn six today so I guess she’s not so little anymore). For the uninitiated, Zoo Boo is a week long Hallowe’en event held at our local zoo where they open their gates from 5:30-8:00 p.m. for young trick-or-treaters to come and play games and win candy. It’s been going on for many years now.

It’s really become quite the tradition for us. This year marks the third time we made the trip out. And looking through some of my old photo folders, I’ve put together a little collection of my niece’s costumes from year to year.


It started in 2009, at age three, she dressed up as Supergirl. At the time I had been letting her watch a lot of She-Ra Princess of Power episodes and she had kind of fallen in love with the idea of self-empowering female superheroes. She saw this costume for sale and she had to have it. And she continued to dress up in it for months on end. She used to love running around the garden as her red cape flapped behind her. Bless!


2010 saw her graduate to a Wonder Woman costume. Hmm, another superhero costume… Am I seeing a pattern here? Now four, we had a wonderful time. Zoo Boo is made up of little games that kids can win candy from and I remember this particular year there was one where you had to shoot a basketball through a hoop. This little bugger, aged four, rimmed it! Clever little thing!The accompanying picture is of us on the carousel inside the park grounds.


And last but not least, here is me and the little ‘un posing outside Zoo Boo 2011 (we got there early this year). Keeping the streak alive she went dressed as Batgirl. I flippin’ love this kid! What great taste! And boy was it freezing. The little love had to don a jacket shortly after this picture was taken. It was another great night at Zoo Boo and we had kept the tradition alive for the third year. Roll on next year!


9 comments on “Hallowe’en Costumes Through the Years!

  1. Oh I love it! A super hero every year. Marvelous! My kids are good for weraing their costume long after Halloween. Especially the Batman. It’s honestly befuddling me right now if I can think of any of them havinga theme..perhaps I should focus on them one at a time. Looks and sounds like a great and special time with your Niece, I bet it will be one of her favorite Halloween memories when she grows up. πŸ™‚

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