Wife Keeps Her Husband’s Corpse!

Marriage is a holy institution. Marriage is a commitment. In fact, one of the vows is to stay together for “as long as you both shall live, ’til death do you part.” Well, one Colombian woman apparently ignored this sacred vow because she decided to keep her deceased husband’s corpse in her house for thirty days after his passing.

This nasty and nauseating tale comes to us from the village of La Umbria in southwest Colombia. Alba Yacue, 58, kept the corpse of her spouse, Lucio Chacue, 61, in their home because in life Lucio had promised her her would “come back to life”. Police were alerted to the strange goings on when neighbours reported Lucio had gone missing and investigators were soon on the scene.

“What remained of his body a month after his death was wrapped in a sheet. It was in an advanced state of decomposition and emitted a horrendous smell that Alba Yacue endured hoping for the resurrection of her companion, as he had promised while still alive,” reported local newspaper La Nación.

The corpse is now at the La Paz Funeral home and Mrs. Yacue is reported as saying she wants the body back after they’ve finished so she can bury it in her backyard.

Funeral director Evangelista Ome said “In over 40 years of funerals, I have never seen anything of this magnitude. It has left us perplexed.”

I tell ya, that right there is true love. To the point where I’m starting to wonder if I’ve ever truly been in love? I just can’t see myself doing this to my wife and I hope my wife wouldn’t either. It takes all types to make the World go round, and apparently Colombia has a few of them…


7 comments on “Wife Keeps Her Husband’s Corpse!

  1. Allright well I tried to hit like on my phone and it gave me a bunch of bologna to fill out, so I came straight to the page instead and it said be the first on e to like and I liked and there I am …twice. Just sayin….good post for Halloween and yes in theory it’s all good but I think reality might set in after 3..maybe 4 …hours?
    Peace 😛

    • It’s gross, eh? I can just imagine her walking into that bedroom every morning with a cup of coffee saying “It’s time to wake up, dear. Don’t let your coffee get cold…”

  2. Now I could totally relate if he died in front of the TV during football season. She might not have noticed his passing until sometime early next year. The smell . . . old hot wings, pizza and beer could account for that.

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