Naked, Lovestruck Drunk Driver!

Anyone can become a drunken driver. That whole scenario is old hat. Just get some alcohol down your neck, crank up your car and crash into something. Simple. But this past Sunday, a Moscow man, named only as Vitaly G, put a new spin on this old scenario. He decided to drink impaired while BUCK NAKED! As with many posts on this blog, this once again proves that it takes all sorts to make this World go round.

But it wasn’t all fun and games. This naked twit crashed into 17 separate vehicles during his drunken escapade, among them were four police cars and a school bus full of children. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured.

The police eventually brought the mystery man to a halt and were amazed as they pulled the totally naked man, supposedly in his 40s, out of the runaway Renault Morgan car. The Moldovan-born man, who had recently changed his citizenship to Russian, explained that he had been having a rough time of it lately having recently broken up with his significant other.

“I was flying on the wings of love. The day before my loved one said she was no longer ready to have a serious relationship.” he is quoted as saying.

Bless his heart. You have to feel for the guy. But maybe he would’ve been better served to just change the locks on his house and burn her belongings like normal rational folks would do, right?


6 comments on “Naked, Lovestruck Drunk Driver!

  1. Apparently when his wings of love got clipped, he did a free fall straight into a fifth of vodka. Maybe they’ll can coin a new term because of this guy: “going skin to asphalt.” I’m not sure if it’ll catch on like “going postal.”

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