95-Year-Old Threatens Neighbour With Pocket Knife (Kinda)!

This story should be filed under the “Awwww Bless…” section. A story made the news this week of a pair of Panama City pensioners and their escalating feud. The Florida neighbours have apparently been on bad terms for a while now and unfortunately this has resulted in an act of (attempted) violence.

This dispute started three years ago when Joe Taylor, 95 (not 97 as the police report states), accused Charles Woolard, 75, of stealing his walking cane. It’s not a proven fact that he did but that would definitely be grounds for a blood feud in my opinion. The police were first drawn into this spat when Woolard reported his nonagenarian neighbour had taken swings at him. He was able to block them, but still, Taylor had exhibited violent behaviour. But it gets better…

This past Monday, the police were called out again when Woolard reported that Taylor had pulled a out pocket knife on him. Well, kinda. He definitely pulled the pocket knife out, but not in the traditional sense. Taylor, who has limited strength and dexterity in his hands, was unable to unsheathe the blade from it’s handle. It was the intent, not the act. Right?

Woolard said he was “concerned he might have to act if he actually get the knife open.”

Many years ago a saw a movie called “Grumpy Old Men”. To me this just seems like a real-life version of that. And although I shouldn’t, I couldn’t help but smile when I read this story. True, Taylor probably had some bad intentions when he produced the knife but at the end of the day it’s just an amusing story to me. Am I wrong for thinking like that?


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