Jealous Man Feeds Steroids to Wife!

Love is blind, right? Well this is apparently the case when it comes to married couple Dalwara Singh, 41, and his 37-year-old wife Jaspreet Singh Gill of Leicester, England. Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner became controlling? Maybe they’d get jealous when he/she saw you talking with a member of the opposite sex. Well Dalwara Singh is now estranged and restrained from his wife after taking his jealousy a step too far…

Whereas most wives enjoy the freedom of socializing, having freedom of clothing choices and getting their own jobs, Singh’s ideal set-up was to keep his wife locked away at home. Not in the prison cell sense of the term “locked up” though, more that he made her ashamed to leave the house…by lacing her food with STEROIDS!

In an attempt to “ugly-her-up” he would crush steroids into powder and sneak it into her food. This started in 2009. Among the symptoms they gave her were excessive weight gain, acne, and hair started sprouting out of her face and back. She was ashamed to be seen in public and that’s how Singh wanted it. It all came to a head when Singh’s teenage daughter caught him in the act of crushing and preparing more steroids to administer to his wife. The couple are now estranged and Mrs. Singh has a restraining order against her husband.

Jaspreet said: “I’m happy, I don’t want him near me. I forgave him for 17 years but won’t do that any more.”

What a wicked man. I can’t believe any man would treat the love of his life like that. Sure, he didn’t beat her (as far as I know) but he made her grow a freaking beard for crying out loud! What a pompous jerk. Sure it’s great for a family to have old fashioned values, but this guy is a joke! They should make him get boob implants as a punishment. See how he likes it.


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