“Find a Pox Party in Your Area” Controversy!

A Facebook page named “Find a Pox Party in Your Area” is currently under-fire by the media and medical experts alike over it’s unethical practices. What is a “pox party” I hear you ask? Well it’s a community of parents who try and willingly infect their children with chicken pox by exposing them to belongings of children that are currently infected by the illness. The FB users request items such as used lollipops/suckers covered with infected saliva, items of clothing and even wet rags covered in infected saliva. Yuck!

The theory is that by allowing them to contract the illness naturally, it will help increase their immune systems. Vaccines are available for the illness, but some parents are choosing to let them catch it the old fashioned way because they believe giving kids too many vaccinations is bad for them. The problem is, by mailing people the virus they’re actually breaking the law. Here are a couple of posts left on the page’s wall:

One post reads: “I got a Pox Package in mail just moments ago. I have two lollipops and a wet rag and spit.”

A mom chimes in: “This is a federal offense to intentionally mail a contagion.”

Another woman offers up some advice, “Tuck it inside a zip lock baggy and then put the baggy in the envelope :) Don’t put anything identifying it as pox.”

Experts have this to say on the subject:

“If you have a young child over to your house specifically to get chicken pox, I don’t think anyone would like to really consider what would happen if that child ended up being hospitalized,” Elizabeth Jacobs from the University of Arizona

College of Public Health said.“This is dangerous,” Dr. A.D. Jacobson, the chief of ambulatory pediatrics at Phoenix Children’s Hospital said. Dr. Jacobson added that chicken pox is extremely contagious and that it’s unwise to send it via mail.

It really is a strange story. I think as a society today we tend to wrap up our children in bubble wrap and shelter them from germs too much. When I was a child I was always playing in the dirt and getting messy. And I’m sure it made me sick from time to time. Heck, I even had chicken pox as a kid and I believe I’m better for it. As a vaccine-trigger-happy society I think we’re opening up problems to today’s young-uns to where they may have weaker immune systems when they grow older. I’m not basing this on any particular medical study, this is just how I see things.

But I have to admit that the idea repulses me. Sending viruses in a jiffy bag? Shoving secondhand lollipops into a child’s mouth that has been slobbered on by a sick kid? No thanks! I think their hearts are in the right place, they’re just a little misguided.


7 comments on ““Find a Pox Party in Your Area” Controversy!

  1. I have never witnessed this actual event but I have heard of it. when the older kids were small they had the best place to be all day to be sure they had chicken pox early along with everything else. Daycare. This is one vaccine I think is iffy. Chicken pox is much safer to have as a chiild than adult and maybe I haven’t been paying attention but are they even sure how long it is effective? It came out when my 16 yo ws around 5 and they had wanteto give it to him and I declined for that reason. the younger kids however they don’t even ask. It is part of their vaccine regime. People I knew wer ea little more subtle about exposure. It was kinda an oops thing. Never as blatant as a lollipo or sent through the mail. More like hi came to visit oops forgot (child) had chicken pox gues mine does too ok darn. I dunno. Weierdness.

    • I did a little further reading on this matter and one place said that because chicken pox and shingles are so closely related, vaccinating against chicken pox could lead to somebody contracting shingles further on down the line (don’t quote me on that though). So you’re darned if you do and you’re darned if you don’t, eh?

      And yes, the lollipops thing is bizarre!

  2. “As a vaccine-trigger-happy society I think we’re opening up problems to today’s young-uns to where they may have weaker immune systems when they grow older. I’m not basing this on any particular medical study, this is just how I see things.”

    This is the a large part of the problem with scientifically challenged people like the author of this blog post and the anti-vaxxers.

    Please understand one thing: Science is NOT a matter of faith. It is not held hostage by opinions or feelings; it is governed by evidence and data. Stop treating science like it’s something to believe in.

    • “I’m not basing this on any particular medical study, this is just how I see things.”

      I make no bones about being scientifically challenged. 😉

      I just believe vaccinating children for every illness under the sun is overkill. But I don’t agree with going to the other extreme by stuffing virus infected lollipops into the mouths of children.

  3. I don’t know if the vaccine will cause it, but having had chicken pox definitely predisposes one to shingles.

    When I was young (back in the Dark Ages), it was a regular practice to expose children to chicken pox, measles, and mumps. Of course, there were no vaccines and nobody was encouraged to swap spit, still it was not uncommon to be taken to play with an infection child. I had all three childhood maladies as a result of this practice.

  4. Thanks, I’ve recently been looking for info about this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve found out till now. However, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you certain in regards to the source?

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