10-Year-Old Girl Attacks & Threatens Her Teacher.

Back on November 1, I wrote a blog about a 9-year-old Florida girl who was arrested for, among other things, assaulting a policeman and school bus driver over a matter of candy. The school bus driver had told her not to eat candy on the bus which made her go ballistic. Well, on the news-wires today is a very similar tale, once again set in Florida.

10-year-old Florida girl, Miesha Bryant attacked teacher Kelly Sanchez after Sanchez had confiscated a bag of Hallowe’en candy. Bryant went on a rampage, hitting her teacher and threatening her life.

According to an Orange County sheriff’s report, Sanchez told investigators that she was holding the candy until the end of the day. She said the girl “went behind her desk and took the bag of candy without her permission.” Bryant then started pelting classmates with the said candy. After Ms. Sanchez once again seized the candy, Bryant started throwing items from the teachers desk. While waiting for a school resource officer, Sanchez was struck in the stomach by Bryant and was told by Bryant that she would “kill Ms. Sanchez and her family.” When police arrived, Miesha, being held in the assistant principals office, was cuffed and taken to a juvenile detention centre, where she was later released into her mother’s custody.

In a TV interview, Sebrina Bryant, the mother, said she was angered over Miesha being arrested for the incident and didn’t believe her daughter was capable of such behaviour. But when the WFTV reported asked the child why she threatened the teacher, she piped up and said, “I was mad.”

I think that last paragraph speaks volumes here. The mother, instead of reprimanding her child, went into self-defense mode. It’s not a parents place to stick up for their child when they know full well that he/she has done wrong. Children need consequences for bad behaviour and Miesha’s mother’s reaction was teaching her that she can get anyway with anything. Discipline should have been the first item on the agenda. Children need to learn accountability and I fear it may be too late for this little girl.


6 comments on “10-Year-Old Girl Attacks & Threatens Her Teacher.

  1. When both myself and my child were in school, candy was forbidden at school. The only thing I see is children having children having children. How can the child learn accountability is the parent hasn’t learned that lesson? Was mom really protecting the child or her own parenting skills?

    Or it is the water in Florida?

    • It’s gotta be something in the Florida water, Miss D! lol

      It shocks me how some modern parents act today. When a teacher used to threaten unruly pupils with telling their parents, it used to mean something. Nowadays they probably laugh in the teacher’s face because “mummy and daddy” don’t give a flip.

  2. The mother’s response is the saddest part of the story. In my first year as a teacher, I had to restrain a 16 year old boy that was trying to fight me. His friend jumped on my back and another friend of theirs tried to choke me. I was lucky a school security officer got to my room quickly and I didn’t get hurt.

    The boy who jumped on my back ended up with a badly bruised nose from an elbow I threw in self-defense. When I met the mother with the principal to discuss the incident and his suspension I was shocked that all she wanted to talk about was his nose. She did comment on how his actions were unacceptable. Luckily the two other mothers were responsible parents and said that they understood how wrong their sons’ behaved and asked that we not contact the police. They both punished their sons at home by taking away privileges.

      • Thank you for your inside perspective on children and their parents. It’s absolutely ridiculous how children are allowed to run wild these days, and when people call the parents out on it they go into self defense mode. A lot of parents really are missing the big picture nowadays. And just think, when little girls like this become mothers the “Don’t you dare accuse my kid of anything!” attitude is probably going to be even worse.

  3. While its true no mother wants to believe her sweet little child is capable of such nastiness, when faced with it this mother’s reaction iis a perfect examole of what not to do.
    It would seem if little miss behaves so poorly and Mama cant accept it, perhaps someone should check.on how mama behaved with similar issues….little miss learned it from somewhere……just sayin….

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