About Nigel

Originally from England, I’m a thirthy-something fellow who is living in the United States. I took quite a weird journey to get here but it was definitely worth it! I enjoy life through my somewhat crooked view of the World and I’m here to share that crooked view with you.

I’m a fan of a lot of things. The arts, movies, some sports (fake ones like pro-wrestling) and music.

I’m an artist at heart, although I don’t really practice it as much as I used to. I spend too much time rotting my brain in front of a computer monitor rather to sit there with a pencil and paper. I’m more of a cartoonist than anything.

I love all kinds of movies. In particular I prefer Independent and factual ones. There’s nothing quite like feeding the old noggin.

I love me some fake sports. Pro-wrestling in particular. I am actually involved in it in within the roles of a referee, ringside manager and videographer. It was a childhood dream of mine to be involved in it so I guess I’m “Living the dream!”

Music-wise I’m inclined to listen to just about anything. I was a hard rock fan as a wee nipper, but these days I have a more diverse taste. Everything from eighties pop to country music to classic compositions. Do you have a musical suggestion for me? Send it my way!

Hope you enjoy my blog and I’d love to see you on my list of subscribers!


8 comments on “About Nigel

  1. Thanks for subscribing to my blogg, you must be as daft as I am. You will soon get fed up of the unmittigated amount of crap that i feel compelled to bestow upon the world. You have been warned.


  2. I want to start by saying . . . if you’d rather not participate, I totally understand. I have declined in the past myself. It is kind of a pain in the arse. That said.

    I’m awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award because I like your blog and think others will too. As with everything in life, there are strings attached. 1) You are to give the award to 15 other bloggers you feel are deserving and notify them of the award. 2) Make a post thanking the person that gave you the award (moi’) and listing your 15 choices. Provide links to these 16 blogs in your post. 3) Lastly, in your post, list seven things the bloggy world doesn’t know about you.

    Here is the info I was given for the graphic of the award to be used in your post.

    Personally, I had trouble with it, so feel free to contact me if you need help.

    The bottom line . . . whether you participate or not . . . I think you have a rockin’ blog.

  3. Hi, Nigel,

    I want to say thanks for following me over the years at http://www.oldspouse.wordpress.com.

    I also wanted to throw in here that you enjoy my “This Old Spouse” column, I think you’re gonna love this:


    It’s a terrifying story called The Oklo Device.

    At the bottom of the smashwords page you’ll see a link labeled “View” and other download options for mobile readers under reading formats. Take a look at the story; see if you get hooked. If you like the story, please share with others. This is the only way good things happen today, and you know this; you’re in the biz–agents and publishers are of the dinosaur era. They’re slow; they’re frightened; and they’ll eat you if you’re not careful. We’re on our own. I truly believe in this book. If you do, too, share it with someone. Thank you.

    And thank you so much, again, for being one of the faithful, as I am yours.

    Best regards,

    Roger White

    “This Old Spouse”

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