Boy Grasses Up Mother for Marijuana Possession!

Whoops! A mother who was in possession of marijuana has been turned into the cops… by her eleven-year-old son. The smell had become so repugnant to her son that the young boy took pictures of his mother’s “crops” and had forwarded them to the police.

A raid on the Dakota County, Minnesota home turned up eight pounds of cannabis, stuffed into supermarket carrier bags. The mother, Heidi Christine Siebenaler, 40, a probation supervisor, has been charged with fifth-degree possession of marijuana while her husband, Mark Siebenlar, 40, is charged with possession with intent to distribute. Mr. Siebenlar claimed that the drugs were for medicinal purposes due to a brain injury he suffered 20 years ago. The couple claimed that Mrs. Siebenlar didn’t know about the drugs and that the marijuana was kept away from the children.

Heidi’s son had forwarded pictures of the loot to his biological father. The father then contacted the appropriate authorities.

Mrs. Siebenlar said: “They said my son couldn’t escape the smell of marijuana and had to go outside for a breather. That’s not true. I live in this house. Never smelled it before. It makes me sick.”

But her eleven-year-old son told police that the house regularly smelled of marijuana smoke.

A search warrant said “Often times, he is unable to escape the smell without going outside.”

It’s great to see a young man take the high road and he should be commended for his bravery in this matter. Usually when I report on children, it’s about some horrible deed they’ve done. But not this time. Well done young man!


Man Arrested for Throwing a Ham at His Mother!

When it comes to my relationship with my mother, I guess you could call me somewhat of a “mummy’s boy”. I love that gal so much. And really, I’d expect most people to have the same feelings about the maternal figures in their lives. But apparently this is not so, especially when it comes to the case of Emanuel Cordell Kennedy who has been accused of lobbing a ham at his dear old mum, Brenda King.

This strange episode went down in Union City, Tennessee this past Tuesday when Kennedy, 37, had been arguing with his mother, 55. The mother, Mrs. King, reported to the Union City Police Department that she had been hit in the back with something while walking down the hall. When questioned by the police, Kennedy claimed that he had not intended to hit his mother, but had done so when he tossed a ham in her direction. King was not injured by the ham, the size of which the investigators have not divulged.

Kennedy, pictured above, is being held without bond in the Obion County jail. He is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon on a misdemeanor count.

There’s a lot of crime in this world, but I love reading about weird crimes like this. I mean, seriously, a ham? I’m not suggesting he should have hit her with something more menacing but good grief, man, a ham? It doesn’t beat an earlier story reported on this blog about a man attacking a woman with a frozen armadillo, but it’s up there!

If there is a silver lining to this tale, at least it wasn’t a canned ham!

10-Year-Old Girl Attacks & Threatens Her Teacher.

Back on November 1, I wrote a blog about a 9-year-old Florida girl who was arrested for, among other things, assaulting a policeman and school bus driver over a matter of candy. The school bus driver had told her not to eat candy on the bus which made her go ballistic. Well, on the news-wires today is a very similar tale, once again set in Florida.

10-year-old Florida girl, Miesha Bryant attacked teacher Kelly Sanchez after Sanchez had confiscated a bag of Hallowe’en candy. Bryant went on a rampage, hitting her teacher and threatening her life.

According to an Orange County sheriff’s report, Sanchez told investigators that she was holding the candy until the end of the day. She said the girl “went behind her desk and took the bag of candy without her permission.” Bryant then started pelting classmates with the said candy. After Ms. Sanchez once again seized the candy, Bryant started throwing items from the teachers desk. While waiting for a school resource officer, Sanchez was struck in the stomach by Bryant and was told by Bryant that she would “kill Ms. Sanchez and her family.” When police arrived, Miesha, being held in the assistant principals office, was cuffed and taken to a juvenile detention centre, where she was later released into her mother’s custody.

In a TV interview, Sebrina Bryant, the mother, said she was angered over Miesha being arrested for the incident and didn’t believe her daughter was capable of such behaviour. But when the WFTV reported asked the child why she threatened the teacher, she piped up and said, “I was mad.”

I think that last paragraph speaks volumes here. The mother, instead of reprimanding her child, went into self-defense mode. It’s not a parents place to stick up for their child when they know full well that he/she has done wrong. Children need consequences for bad behaviour and Miesha’s mother’s reaction was teaching her that she can get anyway with anything. Discipline should have been the first item on the agenda. Children need to learn accountability and I fear it may be too late for this little girl.

Police Find Frozen Cougar in Florida Man’s Freezer!

Shocking news came out of Florida this week when a man was found to have a dead, frozen cougar in his freezer. No, we’re not talking about Ashton Kutcher having a psychotic break with his estranged wife Demi Moore (who for the record IS alive, so please no lawsuits). We’re talking about Palm Beach County resident, Gene Stimmler.

Police were called to his house when they received allegations that Stimmler, 73, had made lewd comments towards a 15-year-old boy. Joseph Valenzuela, the boy’s father, had been living with his son in a trailer on Stimmler’s property at the time of the offense. Valenzuela, an employee of Stimmler, also told Deputy Bryan Hack that Stimmler had a “large wild cat” that was “hidden in a freezer in the garage.” The frozen animal, Deputy Hack noted, “was brown in color and frozen in a live state, eyes open.” When the police opened up the freezer, they found themselves staring face-to-face with the frozen feline. It was surrounded by a large stock of mangoes and a couple of dead parrots (don’t worry, no Monty Python “Dead Parrot” jokes here).

When questioned by a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer, Stimmler claimed that he couldn’t remember how the animal died. “It just died,” Stimmler said, adding that he did not have the money for a necropsy. Asked if he had shot the cougar–as alleged by Valenzuela–Stimmler replied, “No.”

As well as the cougar, Stimmler has kept many wild and exotic animals on his 30-acre property such as a monkey, lemurs and exotic birds. Although he was not been charged with keeping any of these animals, he was busted last month when he allegedly stole Valenzuela’s pet chihuahua. Although I cannot confirm this, it was not found in his freezer next to his dead kitty.

I can relate to this story a little. My sister once kept a dead squirrel in our freezer. My family knew a taxidermist and he had promised to stuff it for her. Yes, that’s a tad strange. There’s nothing quite like fishing around for chicken nuggets and coming up with a dead squirrel. But I just can’t fathom freezing an entire cougar. There’d be no room to store ice cream.

Ghoulish Russian Genius and His House of Corpse Dolls.

It’s been said that’s there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and a news item that recently came out of Russia goes a long way to proving this theory. Anatoly Moskvin, a well educated man who speaks thirteen different languages and is a respected historian, is at the heart of a bizarre police investigation of grave robbing crimes. But make no bones about it, Moskvin is the culprit here as he has been caught red handed. Inside his apartment in the city of Volga River, in Nizhny Novgorod, police discovered 29 exhumed corpses who had been ritualistically dressed and placed around each room. A little weird, eh?

Moskvin, 45, a supposed expert on cemeteries in the area, had chosen each corpse, dug them up and taken back to his place of abode where he would wrap their hands and faces with cloth and would then dress them in brightly coloured clothes and head scarves. Police even found instructions written by Moskvin on how to make these dolls. He only chose the corpses of younger women, generally aged between 15 and 29. I’m guessing that was quite the shocking scene to walk into.

Due to Moskvin being a cemetery expert, police originally had consulted with him on these crimes, thinking he could help them get into the mind of the grave robber. I’m sure this must have amused Moskvin to a certain extent. But it was the police that had the last laugh as Moskvin was caught red handed leaving a cemetery carrying a bag of bones. The original lead came from Moskvin’s parents who had recently discovered the grisly scene of skeletons upon visiting their son.

Well I’m going to spew out a couple of my now cliched phrases. “Truth is stranger the fiction” and “It takes all sorts to make this world go round”. I think both are very apt in this case. What an incredible tale. It reads like something out of a Stephen King novel. And it really does make me wonder how much bizarreness like this goes on under our noses every day. This guy was a supposed genius and look at all the mischief he was getting up to. There’s a phrase that says “It’s usually the quiet ones” and this tale does nothing to debunk that theory.

95-Year-Old Threatens Neighbour With Pocket Knife (Kinda)!

This story should be filed under the “Awwww Bless…” section. A story made the news this week of a pair of Panama City pensioners and their escalating feud. The Florida neighbours have apparently been on bad terms for a while now and unfortunately this has resulted in an act of (attempted) violence.

This dispute started three years ago when Joe Taylor, 95 (not 97 as the police report states), accused Charles Woolard, 75, of stealing his walking cane. It’s not a proven fact that he did but that would definitely be grounds for a blood feud in my opinion. The police were first drawn into this spat when Woolard reported his nonagenarian neighbour had taken swings at him. He was able to block them, but still, Taylor had exhibited violent behaviour. But it gets better…

This past Monday, the police were called out again when Woolard reported that Taylor had pulled a out pocket knife on him. Well, kinda. He definitely pulled the pocket knife out, but not in the traditional sense. Taylor, who has limited strength and dexterity in his hands, was unable to unsheathe the blade from it’s handle. It was the intent, not the act. Right?

Woolard said he was “concerned he might have to act if he actually get the knife open.”

Many years ago a saw a movie called “Grumpy Old Men”. To me this just seems like a real-life version of that. And although I shouldn’t, I couldn’t help but smile when I read this story. True, Taylor probably had some bad intentions when he produced the knife but at the end of the day it’s just an amusing story to me. Am I wrong for thinking like that?

The Texas Child Abuse Viral Video Controversy.

I’m trying something a little different today. Normally I like to dig up some tasty piece of offbeat news for your reading pleasure, but today I would like to comment on a mainstream news item. It’s the child abuse case that has come out of Dallas, Texas where a 2004 video shows a sixteen-year-old girl, Hillary Adams, being whipped within an inch of her life with her father’s belt. The father, Aransas County, Texas, Court-At-Law Judge William Adams is being investigated over these charges.

If you haven’t seen the video, it’s very harrowing. The daughter has allegedly been caught downloading illegal MP3s, among other things, and her the father is infuriated. He commands his wife to go get his belt (“the big one”) then starts to lash her with it. As she screams in pain he keeps telling her to lay down face-first on the bed so he could “get a lick in”. Basically he wants to whip her across the bum. And when he gets done, her mother comes into the room and gets a “lick” in herself. What the heck, people?

It’s a totally disgusting video. And I for one am totally against the hitting of children in the first place. I’m originally from England but I now live in the United States. In England, there are some very strict laws in place against hitting children. And I believe that’s the way it should be. Children need protection from idiots like Mr. Adams. It was quite a shock to me when I first came to America and started hearing people talk about the practice of “whipping” their kids. It’s disgusting. Some parents find it acceptable to beat there children as punishment. There’s the method of having the child choose a “switch” from outside (basically a long, thin tree limb) with which the parent will then whip the child with. I’m totally against this. Another practice (as seen in the aforementioned video) is to whip children with a belt. Wow! Are you kidding me? Needless to say I found this all quite shocking when I first came over here.

Now let me get this straight, I’m not accusing all of America with this. I’m just commenting that I know these practices really do happen. It’s commonplace in some areas and I think it needs to be stopped. All you have to do is watch the video to see that. It was going on in 2004 and it’s still going on to this day. Get a grip people, it’s wrong!

When it comes to disciplining my six-year-old niece, I use the method of time-outs. She does something wrong, she gets a time-out (she has to sit there quietly for a few minutes). And it works a treat. She hates having her wings clipped. The secret is not to threaten punishment then not go through with it. All the time I hear parents telling their children “You’d better get over here before I count to three! 1…2…2 and a half…” This nonsense sends mixed signals to children. If you want to impose authority on them, the best thing to do is to stick to your guns. If you say something, you have to mean it.

There’s a science to raising kids the right way. And this Texas douche-bag is an absolute idiot. Give me five minutes with him and make sure you bring me his “big belt”.

Click here to view the video. Be forewarned though, it’s quite disturbing…

Violent 9-Year-Old Charged With 4 Felonies!

Aren’t children lovely these days? Well, not all children. Especially this nine-year-old girl who made the news today after being arrested for four felonies. And what was the cause? A bag of candy.

The Florida girl, unnamed due to legal reasons, was eating candy on the way home from the Fort Myers’ Royal Palm School yesterday when the bus driver asked her to stop doing so. Not an unfair request in my books. The rules are the rules. But instead of packing her sweeties away in her school bag, she instead went on a tirade against bus driver, Robert Middleton. There’s nothing quite like having respect for your elders, eh? But the fun and games didn’t end there. After threatening the other kids on the bus, the classy fourth-grader then spat on Middleton as she exited the bus. When outside the busshe then continued her verbal tirade against the driver while throwing asphalt into the vehicle.

“F— you! F— you!” she yelled, “Shut the f— up. I will f—–‘ kill you.”

What a lovely wee lass. When Lee County police arrived on the scene, instead of her simmering down things just became more escalated. She is said to have hurled an “aluminum patio chair” at one of the deputies then continued on with her verbal tirade. A cop then restrained the child but the girl attempted to bite his arm, yelling “I am going to kill you, get off of me!”

It’s reported that this tiny-terror has been charged with battery on a public school employee, resisting arrest with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer, and throwing missiles into an occupied vehicle.

What a little bugger. There is a right way to bring kids up and there’s a wrong way. I think the parents have clearly let this child down. There’s absolutely no excuse for this behaviour. However I’m in no way defending the actions of this little scoundrel. We should all take blame for our own actions, and it’s plain to see this little girl might possibly be a lost cause. Was she acting in a way that she might have seen played out in a movie? Perhaps. Whatever the reason, somebody needs to step in and nip this in the bud. Otherwise, she’s going to be a lost cause.

The girl was released into her parent’s custody last night and placed on home detention for 21 days.

Naked, Lovestruck Drunk Driver!

Anyone can become a drunken driver. That whole scenario is old hat. Just get some alcohol down your neck, crank up your car and crash into something. Simple. But this past Sunday, a Moscow man, named only as Vitaly G, put a new spin on this old scenario. He decided to drink impaired while BUCK NAKED! As with many posts on this blog, this once again proves that it takes all sorts to make this World go round.

But it wasn’t all fun and games. This naked twit crashed into 17 separate vehicles during his drunken escapade, among them were four police cars and a school bus full of children. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured.

The police eventually brought the mystery man to a halt and were amazed as they pulled the totally naked man, supposedly in his 40s, out of the runaway Renault Morgan car. The Moldovan-born man, who had recently changed his citizenship to Russian, explained that he had been having a rough time of it lately having recently broken up with his significant other.

“I was flying on the wings of love. The day before my loved one said she was no longer ready to have a serious relationship.” he is quoted as saying.

Bless his heart. You have to feel for the guy. But maybe he would’ve been better served to just change the locks on his house and burn her belongings like normal rational folks would do, right?

Wife Keeps Her Husband’s Corpse!

Marriage is a holy institution. Marriage is a commitment. In fact, one of the vows is to stay together for “as long as you both shall live, ’til death do you part.” Well, one Colombian woman apparently ignored this sacred vow because she decided to keep her deceased husband’s corpse in her house for thirty days after his passing.

This nasty and nauseating tale comes to us from the village of La Umbria in southwest Colombia. Alba Yacue, 58, kept the corpse of her spouse, Lucio Chacue, 61, in their home because in life Lucio had promised her her would “come back to life”. Police were alerted to the strange goings on when neighbours reported Lucio had gone missing and investigators were soon on the scene.

“What remained of his body a month after his death was wrapped in a sheet. It was in an advanced state of decomposition and emitted a horrendous smell that Alba Yacue endured hoping for the resurrection of her companion, as he had promised while still alive,” reported local newspaper La Nación.

The corpse is now at the La Paz Funeral home and Mrs. Yacue is reported as saying she wants the body back after they’ve finished so she can bury it in her backyard.

Funeral director Evangelista Ome said “In over 40 years of funerals, I have never seen anything of this magnitude. It has left us perplexed.”

I tell ya, that right there is true love. To the point where I’m starting to wonder if I’ve ever truly been in love? I just can’t see myself doing this to my wife and I hope my wife wouldn’t either. It takes all types to make the World go round, and apparently Colombia has a few of them…