Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs!

It’s a debate that probably goes back to the beginning of human civilization. Which would you prefer to own? A cat or a dog? It’s a debate that’s always somewhat interested me. Lets weigh up the good points and bad points of  owning each pet…

Cats – Are, by nature, very independent creatures. They can pretty much look after themselves.
Dogs – Are needy creatures that rely on their owners to look after them.

Cats – Are able to gives themselves tongue baths.
Dogs – Try to give their owners a tongue bath while being washed in the tub.

Cats – If needed, are able to catch their own food.
Dogs – Wait to catch their owners by their food bowl and beg to be fed.

Cats – Have sharp claws.
Dogs – Have blunt claws but have big teeth with a matching foul breath.

Cats – Like to cuddle up with you while you watch the telly.
Dogs – Like to run around barking while you’re trying to watch the telly.

Cats – Can be trained to use  litter trays.
Dogs – Like to eat out of litter trays.

Cats – Have scratchy tongues but seldom lick you.
Dogs – Have big tongues and frequently lick you (usually after they’ve eaten from a litter tray).

Cats – Throw up furballs.
Dogs – Then eat the furballs then throw them back up again.

Conclusion: Sorry dogs, but as a pet you’re inferior to cats. You really let your side down with your neediness and stupidity. Cats on the other hand are superior in many areas. They’re independent, always there for you when you need a cuddle and are generally not bothersome. Is dog really man’s best friend? Unfortunately, I respectfully disagree!