Wrestling Shoes Ordered

Today I ordered my first pair of wrestling shoes. I’ve decided to go for the wrestling shoes/kickpads look rather than regular boots. The main reason being that the shoes and pads option will save me a few bucks. The ones I’ve ordered are pictured here. It felt weird ordering a pair of wrestling shoes. In England (where I was born and grew up) wrestling shoes are foreign to us. The amateur wrestling scene is microscopic and unlike high schools in the United States, wrestling is not an English high school sport. So I’m largely buying a product that’s foreign to me.

So, so far I have obtained some TRACE wrestling knee pads and some ASICS wrestling shoes. To finish off the look I’m going to have to get the kick pads, elbow pads and a singlet. I don’t see myself being ready for my debut match anytime soon, but I’m biding my time by trying to piece together my ring gear. When I make my debut I want to have my look straight out of the gate. It frankly embarrasses me to see kids come straight out of wrestling school and they’re wearing jogging pants, a pair of trainers and a T-shirt to the ring. I’m embarrassed for the sport and I’m embarrassed for them.