Fourth Practice…

So last night marked the fourth time I trained for in-ring wrestling. I’ve noticed some improvements in myself and my sensei has also remarked on them too. So I’m pretty excited about that. But I have to say, I’m a little banged up too.┬áLike a lot of things, I guess the best way to learn in-ring is the hard way. This morning I have discomfort in my left wrist, my right ankle and my lower back. I’m not sure at which points I tweaked each of them, but I’m definitely gonna keep an eye out for them in the future. I realize pro wrestling is not ballet, but I want to keep myself as pain-free as possible.

Anyway, now that griping is out of the way, here are the areas I believe I’m improving in:

For one thing, I noticed my stamina is taking a noticable up swing. During my first few sessions, I’d get blown up (tired out) after taking a couple of bumps. Now, not so much. It was kinda embarrassing to take a couple of bumps then roll out the ring and start dry heaving. I guess the dry heaving had a little bit to do with my equilibrium being out of whack too.

I seem to be absorbing instructions more efficiently now. There’s a lot of mechanics when it comes to exchanging wrestling holds. For the most part I’m doing pretty good.

Then there’s running opening spots. These are when wrestlers exchange holds to open a match. Laying the groundwork for the match, if you will. This is where my stamina and info retention is all coming together. Our sensei put together a sequence for us. Collar and elbow into a side headlock, hammerlock exchanges, back to the side headlock, arm wringers and arm bars, shoot into the ropes and take a hiptoss, arm drag and a punch. Quite a lot to take in, but I did pretty well with it. Sure, I was going half speed and was blown up by the end of it, but it’s a work in progress.

After training session number two, I was down on myself for my lack of progression, but after last night I feel like I’m on the right track.