Michael J. Fox Plays “Johnny B. Goode” LIVE in 2011 (Video)!

I ask that the usual readers of my blogs allow me to be a tad self-indulgent today. Browsing the TMZ newsfeed a few minutes ago I found a story that Michael J. Fox (one of my childhood heroes) had last night strapped on a 1950s styled guitar and reprized the “Enchantment Under the Sea” scene from Back to the Future at a charity event. Anybody who knows me personally will be aware that I’m a huge BTTF fan, so seeing MJF performing the musical number he originally performed 26 years ago is amazing. Especially since he’s a diagnosed Parkinsons sufferer.

“I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it!”

Way to go Michael J. Fox! You’re still my hero!


I, Snuffleupagus

Dreams are weird things, aren’t they? I’m forever waking up remembering the weird dreams I had the night before. Last night was no different. My dream definitely resided in Weird Town, population me.

In it, I was flicking through a fancy dress catalogue, looking for something new to wear. Now bear in mind, it wasn’t a case of picking out a Hallowe’en costume, this was just me looking for an any-time outlandish costume. So, after flicking through the pages for a while, I settled upon a Mr. Snuffleupagus costume from Sesame Street. Yep, pretty strange eh? So my costume came in and I couldn’t wait to try it on. I tore the box open, pulled on the body suit, then my Dad and sister helped me put on the head. I’m not sure if it had the blinking eyelashes that the real deal Mr. Snuffleupagus had, but the costume was flippin’ cool! Before long I was running up and down the road outside my house trying to make people double take and jump at the site of Snuffy cavorting around Winterton-on-sea (my English home).

The dream concluded with my dad, sister and I cooking up a plan to scare my younger brother. My dad would sneak into his room with his camcorder and wait on me to enter the room. I would sneak in and stand over my brother. My sister would then call to him so he’d wake up, scream, and my dad would capture it all on video.

Sadly, before I could pull off the practical joke of the century… I woke up. Doncha hate it when that happens?

But this kind of makes me wonder. Am I a furry, suppressing my feelings? Surely this is the kind of dream that furries have? I may have to seek counselling!

Napoleon Dynamite the Animated Series!

Now this isn’t new news by any stretch, but coming soon on Fox will be a new animated sitcom that I feel I’ve been waiting for since 2004. Jared Hess, Jerusha Hess, John Heder and the rest of the original crew are all reuniting to bring us Napoleon Dynamite the TV series. Now if you know me, you’ll be aware that I’m a huge Napoleon Dynamite fan. And needless to say I’m very excited about this news. Back in 2004 when it first hit our screens, it was a major cult hit. Just like all those other great successes such as the Austin Powers and Wayne’s World franchises, it was majorly quotable….


“Why don’t you eat a decroded piece of crap?”

“A buttload of gangs wanted me because I’m pretty good with a Bo staff.”

“That’s like a dollar an hour!”

There are so many great moments in that movie. And as with every great film, everybody has been clamoring to see a Napoleon Dynamite sequel. The only problem is, it’s not going to happen. Very sad. But Hess and Hess are doing the next best thing. Working with 20th Century Fox Television, they have developed a brand new animated sitcom based around those loveable characters from Idaho. It’s a flippin’ dream come true! And not only that, it’s been revealed that the entire cast of the original movie is on board to provide the voices. Everyone from Grandma to Rex to Tina the llama (well, maybe not Tina). Check out this YouTube video previewing the new series…

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/dQ0uUdbsIxY&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

I think you’ll agree that this series appears to have major potential. In a world where teens are walking around dressed in Family Guy gear, I have a feeling the perfect time for this cartoon series is now. Let’s just hope we’re not all disappointed…