Teacher Forces Six-Year-Olds to Rub Her Feet.

From time to time I find myself blogging about incidents that involve the school system. Usually the news pieces centre around the bad behaviour of students, but today’s post is about the misdoings of a teacher. A South Carolina teacher of Batesburg Leesville Primary School has been accused of forcing her first-grade pupils to rub her feet.

Brenda Norris, the grandmother of one of the students, became aware of the questionable behaviour when her granddaughter came to her and begged not to be sent to school. The six-year old girl then revealed that the cause of this was that she hated to rub her teacher’s feet.

“It’s just painful, just to know that this woman would have them touching her feet. What was going through her mind?” said Norris. “My granddaughter has nightmares, she cries. She said ‘I have three wishes, Grandma. One of them was not to go to school today.'”

Lexington School District Three Superintendent Dr. Chester Floyd says an investigation has been launched into the matter and meetings have been held with the teacher and the parents and all necessary actions have been taken. The district hasn’t specified what these actions were though.

“The administration took immediate action. Immediately began an investigation, took appropriate action, rectified the situation, had a follow-up meeting with the parent who brought the incident to our attention. We took very stern and appropriate action and that situation has been rectified,” said Floyd. He says the incident was not racially or sexually motivated.

As of yet, no charges have been filed against the teacher so the teacher’s name has not been released.

WTF? Why was this lazy cow of a teacher asking six-year-olds to rub her feet? Did she think it was an acceptable request? Sure, this isn’t a scandal the magnitude of the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State situation but I am just shocked and flabbergasted at this news. This little girl only just started school around four months ago and already her trust in teachers has been destroyed. What a stupid, stupid woman. She should lose her job if she proved guilty and should no longer be allowed to work in the education system.


Don’t Lick My Knee!

If you were to see a young lady fall, would you rush over to help her? I hope most of the people reading this post would. After all, it’s the chivalrous thing to do, right? But how many of you, after helping her up, would then lick the scrape on her knee? Pretty gross, eh? Well this is exactly what Martin Soto, an Arizona construction worker, has been arrested for. What a strange crime. There are all kinds of weird and wonderful crimes to commit in this world, but what kind of a crooked mind is able to cook up a scheme like this?

Last Thursday (October 13, 2011) the woman in question was leaving her place of work to get into her vehicle. She tripped and landed knees first on the concrete floor, damaging her left knee. Seeing the accident, three men, from a construction site adjacent to her place of work, rode over to help her. They lifted her back onto her feet then escorted her back to her car. Two of the men then left, leaving Soto alone with the woman. As she sat in her car, he stood between her and the open car door. He asked for her phone number, telling her he’d need to call for medical assistance. She reluctantly gave it to him. He then said he’d need to see where she’d scraped her knee. She rolled up her trouser leg and Soto bent down and licked the wound. Freaked out, she abruptly pulled her trouser leg back down as Soto attempted to go from the appetizer to the main course. She managed to shove him off and close the car door. He was arrested and booked for assault.

What?! Are you freaking kidding me? The guy licked her scraped knee? I know Quentin Tarantino is a documented foot fetishist, but that doesn’t mean he goes around licking people’s stubbed toes. I know it takes all kinds to make this World go round, but wow! This guy needs some serious help.

I’m sorry this young lady had to go through such an ordeal. She should just be thankful she didn’t land on her bum.