Scooby Doo, Vincent Price and Creepy Pasta.

I now have a premise for a mini-novel that I want to write. I really want to start out with short stories but as luck would have it I think I’ve come up with an idea that should lead to a fairly lengthy piece. I’m meticulous (sometimes to a fault) so there will be lots of planning to be had.

Obviously it would be foolish of me to spill the beans of the entire plot on this blog but I can reveal the two main plot points. The location is a haunted fairground and the main character is a young boy. True, that does sound like a potential Scooby Doo meets Goosebumps fanfic, but I’m confident this idea has good potential.

Speaking of works of horror, have you ever read or listened to any of the Creepy Pasta stories? As best as I can tell (with no research) it’s basically a smalltime horror fiction brand that publishes stories in both written and audio formats. You may have heard of some of their characters such as Laughing Jack and the Smileyman.

The stories themselves are pretty good. No problems there. The problem I have with them are their YouTube videos. The stories are basically brought to life like audiobooks. Somebody reads them while relevant images accompany. You see horror, to me at least, is about sending a chill down the consumers spine. Unfortunately, the guy who reads the Creepy Pasta series sounds like a pre-pubescent school kid. Instead of gravely tones like that of Vincent Price in Michael Jackson’s Thriller song, he sounds more like a Justin Bieber type being interviewed for some teen magazine.

Who knows? When I finish my horror story, maybe I’ll read it for an audio release. But the plan would be for me to sound more like Vincent than Justin.